'30 Rock' Star James Marsden Reveals Secret to Trick-or-Treating Success (VIDEO)

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Hollywood hunk James Marsden may not know what he's dressing up as for Halloween this year, but he certainly has the trick-or-treating part down like a pro.

"We usually do this thing where we will turn off all the lights in our house and leave so that nobody shows up for candy while we go trick-or-treating," the 30 Rock star revealed to Celebuzz on Saturday. "I come back, I turn on the lights, put the decorations up, and then we give candy out to trick-or-treaters."

Marsden, 39, didn't dress up for Playstation's Wonderbook Halloween Party in Los Angeles, but he may be persuaded to do so by Halloween day.

"I didn't have plans to dress up, but when Halloween rolls around and my kids get all dressed up -- they have influence -- so I usually end up getting dressed up," the X-Men actor gushed.

Marsden has two children by his former wife, Lisa LindeMary James Marsden and Jack Marsden joined their father at Playstation's bash on Saturday to check out the latest Playstation games and celebrate the spooky holiday a little early.

Other celebs in attendance included Courteney Cox, Jaime Pressly, and Mandy Moore.

Watch the video above to find out more about Marsden's Halloween traditions. What's your own tradition? Weigh in below.

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