Alana Stewart Describes Relationship With Ex-Husband Rod Stewart As ‘Civil,’ ‘Sometimes Very Nice’ (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

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Nearly three decades after her divorce from rocker Rod Stewart, Alana Stewart tells Celebuzz she’s managed to form a “civil” and “sometimes very nice” relationship with her famous ex-husband.

“The one thing we really disagree about is the kids — our views on adult kids and what responsibility a parent should take or not take,” Stewart told Celebuzz while promoting her new memoir, Rearview Mirror. “That’s our big bone of contention. I’ve never had a close relationship with Rod since the breakup like I’ve had with [my first husband] George [Hamilton]. We’ve always been like family.”

Looking back on the couple’s 1984 divorce, Stewart admits getting to that point of civility was “very, very difficult.”

“I was emotionally shattered,” she confessed. “I thought both of my marriages would be forever. I started seeking a spiritual path after Rod and I broke up because I was so devastated. I needed something to put me back together.”

In Rearview Mirror, on book stands now, Stewart writes openly about a number of emotional topics — everything from the downfall of her two marriages to her own battles growing up in a dysfunctional family.

“One of the reasons I wrote the book was because I think people sometimes tend to have images of people they see and have no idea what really goes on underneath,” Stewart said. “If you’ve gone through a lot of difficult challenges and you’re able to share them, maybe you can help them.”

One of the most painful topics Stewart, a former model, writes about is a traumatic rape, which happened when she was just 18.

“That was a transforming moment in my life. It was a horrible experience and it was shameful back in those days. The police treated me like I was the criminal not the victim,” she said.

She also suffered from bulimia.

“I had always thought I was skinny and I come to New York and the first thing the modeling agency tells me to do is lose five pounds immediately,” she recalled. “My body image changed overnight. Consequently, I became bulimic. All of that stems from low self-esteem. It’s really hard to have great self-esteem if you come from a dysfunctional family.”

Indeed, Stewart faced many harrowing challenges growing up in poor, rural Texas; her father abandoned her at a very young age, while her mother was addicted to pills.

“We didn’t have rehab then,” she said, referring to her mother’s addiction. “There wasn’t a Betty Ford where you could easily send someone. I didn’t know how to handle it. She kept going in and out of mental institutions. She wasn’t crazy, it was really the drug addiction.”

 She also admits her father’s abandonment greatly affected her future relationships with men.

“I tended to pick men that were somehow unavailable,” she told Celebuzz. “Either they were workaholics or emotionally unavailable. That was my pattern in life. You keep recreating the initial scenario in your life hoping that this time it will be different — and it never is.”

Eventually, Stewart escaped Texas and moved to New York, where she became a model.

From there, Alana married twice — to George Hamilton and Rod, respectively — and had three children, Ashley, 38, with Hamilton, and Kimberly, 33, and Sean, 32, with Rod.

Still, pain and heartache followed. In addition to two divorces, sons Ashley and Sean both became addicted to drugs.

“It was incredibly painful and difficult,” Stewart said. “What really got me through was 12 step programs. I speak at drug and alcohol centers and to parents whose children are battling addiction and I find that very helpful for me. We all need help when we go through difficult times. We’re not equipped to do it on our own.”

Her daughter Kimberly also had a daughter with actor Benicio del Toro.

“I was surprised. With my kids I want them to be happy,” she said. “I don’t have a lot of judgement on what they do. It was the right decision because she’s a wonderful mother and I have an incredible granddaughter.”

But despite everything, Stewart, now 67, somehow found a way to stay positive.

“We have to look for the things in our lives that are good and be grateful for them and focus on them and not the negative,” she told Celebuzz. “I believe I’m a better mother, friend and woman because of all the challenges I’ve been through. I think I’m a pretty good person.”

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