'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars' Recap: A Shocking Elimination of a Judges' Favorite

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ABC’s Dancing with the Stars sent shockwaves through the ballroom with the latest elimination of an All-Star celebrity. The couples sweat through four performances over the last two weeks, piling on the scores dance after dance, as the show skipped last week’s elimination round. This elimination was surprising because it was a Judge's favorite, a great dancer and a leaderboard topper.

In the first half of the show we found out that the five lowest scoring couples going into Tuesday night were all safe. That left the top three hanging in the balance for the next 30 minutes. We also found out that pro dancer Derek Hough suffered an injury Monday night so severe that recently ousted pro Mark Ballas will step in for him if Shawn Johnson makes it through to next week.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you didn’t watch Tuesday’s episode.

After a perfect score of 30 on Monday night for her Country style rumba which placed her at the top of the board for a second week in a row, Sabrina Bryan was sent home. Surprising too was that she was a solid 10 points higher than the bottom dweller, Kelly Monaco. Making this elimination even sadder was that it was also Week 6 that Sabrina was sent home in Season 5.

She was a favorite of one of judges said host Tom Bergeron (though he didn't say whose) and a fan favorite as well, having been voted in by viewers for the All-Stars season. Sabrina was emotional as she thanked the fans who had voted her on and called her experience on Dancing with the Stars an "absolute dream."

Sabrina was one of the best dancers on the show and had a fan following, so what went wrong? Could it have been the fact that millions of fans on the East Coast were unable to watch the show and vote this week due to power outages? As a beautiful dancer and well deserving of ‘All-Star’ status, Sabrina will be missed.

On tap for next week are “Fusion Dances”, in which two styles of dances are combined and danced to one song. Once again the contestants picked the dance styles for each other:

Kirstie Alley picked “tango/chacha” for Melissa Roycroft

Kelly picked “Argentine Tango/samba for Gilles Marini

Apolo Ohno picked “quickstep/samba for Kirstie

Melissa picked “tango/paso” for Shawn

Shawn picked “rumba/samba” for Emmitt Smith

Sabrina picked “cha cha/foxtrot” for Kelly

Gilles picked “chacha/paso” for Apolo

The All-Stars will also participate in the “Marathon” dance, which if history is any indication, will feature the couples dancing simultaneously to one song while being picked off one by one by the judges. Tom announced Monday that there would be a live elimination next Monday due to the network's election coverage on Tuesday night, which will preempt the results show.

Then on Tuesday night he announced that there would be no elimination at all next week due to the viewers affected by Hurricane Sandy. This made no sense to us because this week has more power outages than next week probably will, and what’s more, many of us in the New York area couldn’t even watch the show this week due to ABC’s local storm coverage. We think foregoing an elimination this week would have been more appreciated!

Do you agree with the elimination of Sabrina Bryan? Sound off below

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Default avatar

    How come we never get to see the public votes? Just the judges???? I have been thinking for awhile now that this is rigged somehow, no one at the top should ever be eliminated! Why wasn't the vote canceled for this past week anyway since most people on the east coast were without electric. Everyone just about has it on now. So everyone can vote Monday, but no it was cancelled. Hmmm, doesn't sound right to me either!

  • Bill Donaldson
    Bill Donaldson

    As long as the judges give kirstie 4 or 5 more points above what she is worth, she cannot dance and is so out of step in the group dances it is a joke, she will stay in. Steve,Mr Apple, got hammered and so should kirstie bill

  • Robin

    This is the 3rd post on how ridiculous it is that they had eliminations this week with the east coast not able to participate.Shame on you DWTS!!!

  • Bub

    Shawn better score a 20 because apparently an excellent dancer isn't what the public is looking for. Wouldn't be surprised if Kirstie wins the whole thing.

  • Bub

    It is crap because obviously it is a popularity contest. Kirstie should be gone, as well as Kelly. It is also amazing that Ms. Personality Kelly is more popular than Sabrina. It must be about her partner. I think DWS should throw out the results for last week, it obviously was a sham. If they are not voting off next week due to the storm then this week should be the same. CRAP! This needs to be changed.

  • jerry

    Totally agree with Beverly. It's always been a popularity contest, but at least some of the best dancers were also popular. I thought Sabrina might be eliminated. Just confirms that this is even more of a popularity contest than I thought. Will not watch it ever again.

  • beverly

    Tuesday nights results is the exact reason my husband will no longer watch your show. We both enjoyed it at the beginning but it became obvious that it was a popularity contest not a dance contest. When the 3 top dancers were placed in the bottom it does not matter how hard they practice to do a good dance BUT its just a matter of how many friends call in. Maybe you should change your title to "Dancing With the Stars who is the most popular"

  • Torres Lee
    Torres Lee

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