Donnie Wahlberg’s Apartment Flooded By Superstorm Sandy: See His Destroyed New York City Home (VIDEO)

NKOTB sans shirts
Donnie Wahlberg tweets a shirtless pic of the boy band.
Being famous couldn’t save Donnie Wahlberg from becoming a victim of Hurricane Sandy.

The New Kids on the Block singer’s apartment was ravaged by the huge storm which hit the East Coast of America on Monday night — and Celebuzz has the video he shot inside his home.

The 43-year-old brother of Mark Wahlberg made a video diary of the damage done to his New York condo, which is currently immersed in more than a foot of water.

“I’m standing in the lobby of my building for a status report on my apartment,” he said to the camera before going inside for a look.

On the video, Wahlberg is seen sloshing his way through the wreckage as his friend Johnny tries to salvage food and cooking pans.

“How’s it going in the kitchen, Johnny?” Wahlberg asked.

“Not good,” his friend responded. “Packing up some food.”

Donnie filmed two more status updates — which he shared online — in which he manages to maintain his sense of humor despite the obvious damage.

“Yeah, we cook with all this power we don’t have,” he says as pots float around him.

However, he ended on a serious note with a warning for everyone to look after themselves, telling fans, “Everyone be careful out there.”

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