Justin Bieber’s Oldest Fan ‘Senior Biebs’ Peter Johngren Would ‘Love’ to See His Concert, But Can’t Afford Tickets, He Says (EXCLUSIVE)

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Justin Bieber is used to young girls screaming his name, but his 71-year-old superfan who’s currently in a fight with cancer won’t be able to shout from the crowd anytime soon.

Peter Johngren — also known as “Senior Biebs” — can’t afford concert tickets to see the pop star who’s given him so much inspiration during his battle with advanced prostate cancer.

“I don’t think I could pay enough for tickets,” Johngren told Celebuzz. “I’d love to, but they’ve really gotten too expensive. Some are $300 a piece.”

The New York resident said he had planned to be in the audience Nov. 10 for the singer’s Believe tour in Boston and was ready to bid online.

“But all of a sudden people got into a bidding war,” Johngren said. “I bid two or three times, but they were too much money and I just got discouraged.”

Like his fans, the 18-year-old pop star has in turn been inspired by his devoted followers. After a worldwide Twitter campaign, Bieber recently visited Crystal Montgomery, an 18-year-old fan battling a devastating bone cancer, at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta.

In September, Bieber also dedicated a song to “Mrs. Bieber,” Avalanna Routh, the six-year-old megafan who lost her battle with a rare form of brain cancer.

The young Canadian even tweeted about his “amazing” followers, writing, “They made me aware of something. I’m gonna make good on it. #giveback.”

Johngren may not be able to watch Bieber live right now, but he says he would gladly attend a show if the teen heartthrob – who just reached a record 3 billion views on YouTube – offered him a seat.

“Of course! That would be terrific!” exclaimed Johngren, who first discovered the superstar while surfing YouTube during chemotherapy treatments.

Regardless of whether he gets to see his idol on stage, Johngren — who just underwent hip replacement surgery related to the radiation and chemotherapy — has learned many lessons during his ongoing battle with cancer.

“I don’t take things for granted like I used to. I appreciate things more,” he said.

Johngren finished cancer treatment in September and plans on undergoing new treatment in January. Through it all, he says he still finds hope in being a Belieber.

“I do find Justin to be an inspiration especially because he has reached out to so many kids with cancer. For an 18-year-old, he handles himself so well and I get a kick out of that,” said Johngren, adding that he has already added to his Bieber memorabilia collection by buying the Canadian crooner’s latest book Just Getting Started and downloading his recent hit, “Beauty and a Beat.”

“I just hope I’ll be around long enough to see this concert. I’d really love to see it,” he continued.

“He’s got such a great sense of humor about it all. He has an 18-year-old mindset, which is that fresh and young, I can do anything vulnerability. That’s what you have when you’re 18, not 71,” Johngren laughed. “And I remember being that age.”

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