Keith Olbermann Opens Up About Current TV Firing: 'I Left Because They Asked Me to Leave' (VIDEO)

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While once the beacon of hope for Al Gore’s struggling Current TV, progressive talk host Keith Olbermann ended up becoming one of its biggest embarrassments.

Just one year into the former MSNBC host’s five year, $50 million dollar contract as the cable channel’s chief news officer, Current TV announced it was severing its ties with Olbermann in March of this year.

With a $70 million breach of contract suit against the network, Olbermann opened up about the firing and his legal wranglings on Hulu and Ora TV's Larry King Now.

“I left, because they told me to leave,” Olbermann, 53, tells Larry King in Celebuzz's preview above. “And they wouldn’t let me back in the building.”

Limited by the terms of his lawsuit, Olbermann says he may have already said too much and described his reasoning succinctly: “I’m suing them, yes, because they signed a piece of paper saying, ‘We’ll give you this money.’ And they didn’t give me the money."

Watch Larry King Now’s full interview with Olbermann on Hulu and Ora TV now.

What do you side with? Current TV or Olbermann? Sound off below.

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