Kim Kardashian: My Thoughts and Prayers Are With Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian: My Thoughts and Prayers Are With Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy
Sandy Developments
Hurricane Sandy damage
How has hurricane Sandy affected the East Coast? Read More »

Kim Kardashian shows her support for the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. She writes on her blog:

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. When I woke up this morning the first thing I did was call all of my friends in NYC and all of our Dash Dolls from our NYC store and make sure they are all ok.

Thankfully everyone I know is fine and I really hope all of you on the east coast managed to stay safe last night. I’ve been looking at all of the devastating photos online and it’s just unbelievable.


Our store, I’m sure, is flooded, but we won’t know until tomorrow.

I have faith that the search and rescue teams will be able to help those in need right now so that the death toll doesn’t climb any higher, and send a big thanks to the amazing relief teams!! Stay strong east coasters! Xo'

Click through the gallery above to see more photos of Hurricane Sandy's path of destruction. 

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  • supbro

    I think it make me red wine or sugary/ flavored drinks...? hope everyone is safe and well! All the best wishes from New Zealand. Stay Strong!! xxxx

  • Kaitlin Jakel
    Kaitlin Jakel

    This is Chicago….

  • Frank NdKelsey Fontes
  • Travis Paul Hodges
    Travis Paul Hodges

    must have flooded a kool aid factory.. FREE KOOL AID FOR EVERYONE!

  • Tim

    if thats blood im going to freak out...

  • Deanna

    yeah i was just thinking the same thing, why the fuck is the water red?! i'm hoping it's not blood! :/

  • mickshelle15

    And how do you know that she has not helped financially? You should not make assumptions until you know the facts.

  • Karina

    Dont tell me thats blood

  • Karina


  • Diana-New York
    Diana-New York

    instead of just posting picks and saying your going to pray for people why not donate money and make an actual impact on our hurt state. It's annoying seeing celebs post pics instead of helping out people in need, your not helping us by these pics being shown.

  • Diana Feaster
    Diana Feaster

    I'm hoping it might just be sewage water!!

  • Bonnie Caitlin
    Bonnie Caitlin

    Whats all that red stuff? Hope all is well over there now that the worst has come and gone x