Kate Moss Addresses Heroin, Anorexia Rumors in ‘Vanity Fair’: ‘Nobody Took You Out for Lunch When I Started’ (VIDEO)

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Some 20 years after becoming the face of “heroin chic,” thanks to her iconic Calvin Klein photo shoot, Kate Moss has opened up about all those rumors.

“I was thin, but that’s because I was doing shows, working really hard,” the model recently revealed in a new interview with James Fox of Vanity Fair.

“You’d get to work in the morning, there was no food. Nobody took you out for lunch when I started . . . but I was never anorexic. They knew it wasn’t true — otherwise I wouldn’t able to work,” Moss said in the December cover story.

The British beauty, 38, also took the opportunity to clear the air about what really happened during her early modeling days.

“I had never even taken heroin — it was nothing to do with me at all,” she told VF.

In the issue, out Wednesday, Moss also recalled having a nervous breakdown about her Calvin Klein shoot. She was around 17 at the time, and was working with Herb Ritts and a young Mark Wahlberg.

“It didn’t feel like me at all. I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks. I thought I was going to die,” according to Moss.

“I went to the doctor, and he said, ‘I’ll give you some Valium,’ and Francesca Sorrenti, thank God, said ‘You’re not taking that.’ It was just anxiety. Nobody takes care of you mentally . . . I didn’t like it. But it was work, and I had to do it,” she added.

Eventually, someone did take care of her: Johnny Depp. The pair dated from 1994 to 1998.

“There’s nobody that’s ever really been able to take care of me. Johnny did for a bit. I believed what he said . . . like if I said, ‘What did I do?,’ he’d tell me. And that’s what I missed when I left. I really lost that gauge of somebody I could trust. Nightmare. Years and years of crying. Oh, the tears!” she told VF.

These days, Moss’ schedule is filled with domestic life: being with her husband of more than one year, Jamie Hince, and being mother to her 10-year-old daughter, Lila Grace.

“I don’t really go to clubs anymore. I’m actually quite settled,” Moss said.

For more of the Kate Moss Vanity Fair cover story, check out the magazine’s December issue, out Wednesday.

What do you think of Kate Moss’ comments about heroin and anorexia? Share your thoughts below!

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