Nicole Richie’s Sister Sophia Reveals Her BFF Willow Smith’s Halloween Birthday Plans and Their Future Music Collaboration (EXCLUSIVE)

Willow Smith: Teen Vogue
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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have big plans for their superstar daughter’s birthday.

And it looks like birthday No. 12 for Willow Smith will be a night to remember — with a costume-themed bash!

“I’m going to go to my friend Willow [Smith]’s birthday [on Halloween],” Sophia Richie revealed to Celebuzz at Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood bash last month.

And the real-life BFFs will go as an on-screen dynamic duo.

“I think we are going to do a Batman and Robin thing,” she said.

The younger sis of Fashion Star judge Nicole Richie gushed about how she and the “Whip My Hair” singer like to match their outfits.

“This is my first coordinated Halloween costume, but usually it has to do with each other,” Sophia explained. “So I’ll be like a yellow M&M and she [Smith] would be a red M&M.”

But costumes aren’t the only things the teen twosome share in common.

Richie, 14, confessed they want to record music together and are inspired by one of their favorite artists.

“We switch off between pop and slow music,” she said. “Like, [we] love Frank Ocean, so it would be music like that.”

“We were hoping to start soon. We’re trying to get in there.”

They may even have a new hair color by the time their collaboration rolls around, as Willow’s signature bold hairstyles have rubbed off on Lionel Richie’s 14-year-old daughter — who just last month let her best friend have some semi-permanent fun with her locks.

“She’s just a unique person. She likes changing things up,” Sophia said of Willow. “Whatever mood she’s in, she will change her hair for that mood, so that’s really cool.

“She actually just died my hair purple — my whole head purple!” she confessed. “It took three times to wash out, but it was really scary.

“We were just feeling happy.”

And that’s exactly what they’ll be feeling tonight for Willow’s costume celebration.

“I love her,” said Sophia. “She’s one of my really close friends.”