‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Star Sarah Silverman Talks About Her ‘Scrappy’ Video Game Character (VIDEO)

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Actor-comedian Sarah Silverman is known for having a decidedly R-rated sense of humor, which might seem at odds with Vanellope von Schweetz, the squeaky-clean character she plays in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph.

But Silverman says that it wasn’t tough to tone down her iconic comedy style for the film.

“There’s no story to it. [The voice] just came out,” she told Celebuzz. “It’s my voice, just if you put it on a record player at a higher speed. Younger, higher pitched… but with a little bit of a cold in there.”

Despite Wreck-It Ralph being an animated film, Silverman found the atmosphere in the recording booth more akin to that on a live-action set.

“Me and [John C. Reilly] We got to be in the same room, and they let us improvise and be loose and talk over each other, which is rare in animation.”

Wreck-It Ralph opens nationwide Friday, November 2. Watch Celebuzz’s full interview with Silverman above, and then check out our chat with Wreck-It Ralph himself, actor John C. Reilly.

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