Jimmy Kimmel Gushes Over First Time Guest and Late Night Idol David Letterman (VIDEO)

It's a mutual love fest.
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It was a dream come true for Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night as he interviewed his hero, David Letterman, on ABC's  Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“I'm more excited that he's here tonight than I'm able to explain," gushed Kimmel at the beginning of the show.

When Letterman finally hit the stage, he told him, "'I’m a little overwhelmed." The ABC host likened it to when Letterman had original Late Night host Johnny Carson on his show.

Kimmel's admiration of Letterman, who he referred to as "the main reason I got into television" and "the main reason I got a television," is no secret. Things got funny on the show when he showed Letterman pictures of himself at 18 with a Late Night birthday cake and license plate with "L8 NITE." This prompted the CBS host to ask, “Did your parents step in?”

He continued, “I mean, these are warning signs, Jimmy.” Letterman, 65, returned the love to his fellow late night host even though he first joked, “I’ll be honest with you, at first it was troubling.”

The admiration continued for Letterman throughout the hour as the two talked about Letterman’s 9-year-old son Harry and fly-fishing as well as some questions about Facebook, email and cooking.

Then, when Kimmel, 44, asked his late night idol if he had any male friends and Letterman responded “no,” the ABC host pleaded his case.

“I’ll have a party for you. It will be just me and you. We’ll have whatever you want,” joked  Kimmel.

Taking a slightly more serious more tone, Letterman was appreciative of the love Kimmel was showing him. “You do a show night after night after night, you often don’t get the sense that it goes anywhere so now to hear that my show, my early show, has some sort of life-altering impact, on at least you two, is remarkable,” he said.

The late night hosts also discussed Hurricane Sandy and Letterman performing without an audience for the past two nights.

But before the interview could end, Letterman had one more word to get in, one of good luck.

“I want to wish you the best of luck when you move the show [to 11:30],” Letterman said. “ I think you’re going to be perfect at 11:30 … I think it’s going to be great. I couldn’t be happier to have you in the running.”

You can watch portions of their interview in the video above and below.

Jimmy Kimmel Live currently airs weeknights at 12 AM on ABC. Late Night with David Letterman airs weeknights at 11:35 PM on CBS.

Will you be watching Jimmy Kimmel Live when it moves to 11:30?

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  • Rose

    Regarding the Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn, last night, Halloween night: I felt the skit he did in the Level Barber shop was inappropriate and had racial undertones. He went into a barber shop where everyone in there was black to ask "what could Mitt Romney do to get their vote?" Most of the comments were mean-spirited and made Mitt Romney look foolish, for no other reason than he wasn't black. When Kimmel asked: how many of you are Mormon? of course, that brought a laugh--not very nice to make fun of someone's religion. But the most offensive was when he asked: what could Mitt do to win your vote? and the comment was made: "be black." If you turned that around, and Kimmel walked into a place where everyone was white, and asked: what could obama do to win your vote, and the comment was: "be white." I'm sure that would create quite a stir. I wish we all could remember that racism cuts both ways, and so-called "funny" skits like this do nothing to solve the racism problem in this country that still exists. If Mr. Kimmel needs to resort to this type of racist humor in order to get laughs, maybe he should consider hiring some other writers. Thank you.