Election 2012: A History of First-Lady Fashion (GALLERY)

For years upon years, First Lady has become one of the most watched and coveted fashion titles in the world.

From Grace Coolidge’s flapper style in the ’20s, to Jacqueline Kennedy’s bold looks in the ’60s and beyond, the First Ladies of America have managed to mix old-school class with modern-day looks to add a touch of style inside the White House.

To this day, our current First Lady, Michelle Obama, has carried that fashion torch, oftentimes mixing high-profile designers with everyday brands. (Obama is known to be a fan of J. Crew.)

So, as this year’s Presidential Election winds down, Celebuzz is taking a look back at some of the most memorable looks worn by our Presidents’ wives.

Have a look at them now in the gallery, above.

Also be sure to stay tuned to Celebuzz for comprehensive coverage of the 2012 Election.

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