‘X Factor’ Host Mario Lopez on Working With Khloe Kardashian: She’s ‘A Sweetheart,’ He Says

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With one week of live shows under his belt, Mario Lopez says he’s enjoying all the perks of being on The X Factor, especially working alongside his co-host, Khloe Kardashian.

“I love Khloe,” Lopez told Celebuzz on Thursday. “Khloe’s a sweetheart. We get along great. I think she’s doing a great job and we’re having a lot of fun up there.”

And her sense of humor keeps Lopez constantly giggling.

“She’s just funny,” he raved. “We’re just constantly laughing, having fun and messing with each other. We both only had, like, 45 minutes to get ready [last night] — which is nothing for a girl, obviously. I was trying to convince her to do the show in her curlers. I was giving her a hard time, but I was impressed she got ready in time.”

As the rest of his experience, Lopez says he’s “just excited to be part of the team.”

“I just know they’re going to keep raising the stakes every week,” he said. “The productions are awesome. The dancers and everything. I’m hoping they let me come out when they introduce and they let me do a dance number. I was talking to Brian Friedman the choreographer and they do it in the UK so we’ll see.”

“I’m just interested to see who it comes down to in the end,” he said.

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