Katy Perry Moves ‘Forward’ at Barack Obama Rally in Wisconsin (PHOTOS)

Stars for Obama
Katy Perry, Will Smith and other stars give Obama a final push.
Perry and Mayer in NYC
Katy and John dress down as they leave his apartment.
iKaty Perry is so ready to vote for Barack Obama.

Less than two weeks after wearing a ballot dress for an Obama campaign rally in Las Vegas, the “Wide Awake” singer has made another political statement via another skintight dress.

On Saturday, at a rally in Milwaukee, Wis., Perry, 28, arrived at the Delta Center in a red, white and blue gown that was later taken off to reveal her second outfit of the evening: a skintight blue mini with the Obama slogan, “Forward.”

The president is down to his last campaign rallies as America has some 48 hours to go before Tuesday’s big election.

“Wisconsin, after four years as president, you know me . . . Wisconsin, you know what I believe. You know I mean what I say and I say what I mean,” the president told the crowd of 20,000.

Obama is due back in Wisconsin on Monday, as Bruce Springsteen is scheduled to play a street concert in support of the commander-in-chief.

Perry’s appearance Saturday night marked her third on behalf of Obama. The singer was part of the “30 Days to Victory” fundraiser in Los Angeles in early October, joining fellow Obama supporters Jennifer Hudson, Jon Bon Jovi and Stevie Wonder.

On Oct. 24, the “Wide Awake” singer, in her ballot-inspired attire, performed at the “America Forward” event at Doolittle Park in Las Vegas.

What do you think of Katy Perry’s Obama dress from Saturday’s rally? Check out the gallery, above, and share your thoughts below.

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