‘Saturday Night Live’ Recap: Louis C.K. Does Stand-Up; Abraham Lincoln’s Got a New Show (VIDEOS)

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'SNL' Hosts
Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Renner set to host.
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The singer takes on double duty as host and musical guest.
Less than one week after Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, Saturday Night Live went on as planned, with first-time host Louis C.K.

Naturally, the comedian opened the show by doing what he does best: stand-up.

“Great to be here, we’re in New York. There was a hurricane, but we are still here. The city’s standing, it’s a city that can really take a punch,” C.K. said, using a microphone.

“Today they turned the power back on, which is great, because we can go back to using way too much electricity, like insane amounts of electricity . . . we went from zero electricity to a criminal amount of electricity,” he said.

C.K. went on to tell a bit about helping an old lady at the airport, an experience that made him realize something very important.

“I connect with old ladies, they’re my favorite demographic. I wish I desired them, sexually,” he said.

Before C.K. took to the stage, Fred Armisen put on his best Michael Bloomberg face and took part in a press conference in the show’s cold opening. And yes, the New York City mayor’s animated sign language translator, Lydia Callis, played by SNL newcomer Cecily Strong, also made an appearance.

Bobby Moynihan played New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

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