Christina Aguilera Belts Out Regrets in ‘Blank Page’: Listen Now

Xtina's 'Lotus'
The 'Voice' judge goes nudes for her album cover.
Christina Aguilera strips down to her sorrows in her new ballad, “Blank Page.”

Over a slow-jam piano melody, the Voice coach croons about her past. “I know there’s hurt, I know there’s pain. But people change; Lord knows I’ve been no saint,” Aguilera sings in the track off her upcoming fifth studio album, Lotus, which hits shelves Nov. 13. “In my own way, regret choices I’ve made. How do I say I’m sorry? How do I say I’m sorry?”

“I was scared, I was unprepared, for the things you said,” she belts out. “If I could undo, that I hurt you, I would do anything for us to make it through. Draw me a smile and save me tonight. I am a blank page waiting for you to bring me to life.”

The tune is a far cry from the up-beat, sultry lead single off her Lotus LP, “Your Body.” But together, the tracks are illustrative of the album, which Aguilera has promised will span a range of emotions.

“It’s a very multi-layered, very heartfelt record,” the singer told Rolling Stone. “I wanted to share all the different sides of me, as a woman, and as a creator and an artist. Part of that is being a mom. Part of that is sexuality. Part of that is vulnerability. Part of that is aggression and angst. All those pieces make me who I am.”

While Aguilera has been juggling her album and tenure on The Voice, she will soon take a breather from the hit singing competition to focus on her career. For Season Four next spring, her post will be filled by Shakira while Cee Lo will lend his seat to Usher.

“I knew I had to get back in touch with myself as an artist,” she told Rolling Stone. “I really put myself on the back burner doing that show. I also worried that my advice would start to get stale and redundant. I have to go away for a second and live life. Being on The Voice has been amazing, but I need to see my friends and go on the road again.”

For the full lyrics to “Blank Page,” go to Direct Lyrics.

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