Linda Hogan Dishes on Cougar Life and Ex Hulk Hogan: ‘He Has a Little Jealous Bone Out There’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Linda and Brooke Hogan
The mother-daughter pair are bikini twins.
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Linda Hogan has had her fair share of reality TV and men.

The 52-year-old ex-wife of Hulk Hogan can currently be seen on the TLC series Brides of Beverly Hills, but don’t expect wedding bells to be ringing anytime soon.

The show was filmed while she was engaged to 23-year-old Charlie Hill, but things have since changed.

“We’re not [together], we are split,” Hogan said in a recent interview with The Daily Buzz.

“The weirdest thing is that when I was engaged, I agreed to do the show, and I was really excited about looking for dresses,” she added.

It wasn’t a walk in the park for the couple at the time of filming either. They eventually turned to couples therapy.

“It shrink-wrapped our heads. We were like, you know, he kind of felt like he needed to kind of get his groove with the career and find his way a little bit. He was kind of living a little bit under my shadow, my house, my money — my everything,” she said.

“From a man’s point of view, I think that they need to feel like they can support you or bring something into the picture.”

Brides isn’t the only reality show Hogan has been working on. The mother of two recently filmed a pilot for a cougar-themed TV show. A second episode is in the works.

“We shot a really fun pilot … it’s a big party in Malibu and they’re gonna have some younger guys show up. It’s gonna be fun,” Hogan said.

With all the young men in her life, the self-proclaimed cougar says she has the feeling her ex-husband is a bit jealous of all the attention she’s been getting.

“I think somehow in the core of him, he still has a little jealous bone out there . . . I just get that feeling through what my kids say,” Hogan added.

Hogan and the former WWE wrestler have two children: Brooke, 24 and Nick, 22. The couple were married for 25 years before splitting in 2008.

“I was used to it,” Hogan told The Daily Buzz, referring to her ex-husband’s cheating over the years.

“I always had a feeling that he had an affair, there was one I knew about. The other one I knew was going on after I filed for divorce. Your heart of heart knows. You know when your old man is messing around on you,” she said.

For much more of The Daily Buzz’s exclusive interview with Linda Hogan, check out the video above.

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