‘Revenge’ Recap: A Wedding, a Proposal and an Arrest (PHOTOS)

'Revenge' Recap
Aiden makes a power move and Amanda goes rogue.
'Revenge': Amanda's Awake
Amanda wakes up and Kara's not hiding anymore.
The Graysons never got to throw their son a wedding on the first season of ABC’s Revenge, but that’s OK because on “Illusion” they threw such a fete for themselves.

Yes, Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) really did re-tie the knot; lightning did not strike them, nor did anyone come back from the dead to object. However, by party’s end, one of the Graysons did get arrested — for murder.

If you believe in keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, then you probably should have been Victoria’s maid of honor. But honestly, on Sunday’s episode that sentiment came in handy for Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) own dealings with nosy Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart), too.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you didn’t watch Sunday’s episode of “Illusion”.

With such an impromptu wedding, there wasn’t much time wasted on “prep” on “Illusion.” Instead, we paid the appropriate respects watching the couple’s first dance and preparing to cut the cake, all while nefarious things were going on behind-the-scenes, of course. Daniel’s (Josh Bowman) jealousy reared its head when Aiden (Barry Sloane) brought Emily as his “date,” and he took some time to pine for what could have been while Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) sneered. Look, we’re not saying Emily and Daniel should get back together, but he is clearly only with Ashley because she’s the closest thing to Emily that he can have, and confiding in her as much as he does about Grayson Global is just a rookie mistake.

Side note: it was pretty ballsy of Aiden to show up to the wedding at all, after showing his face to Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) at the motel. Had she seen him, she would have cried foul immediately. Luckily for him, she opted to attend the reopening of the Stowaway instead (and so did Charlotte, for that matter), though, so he could get a little closer to Emily.

Anyway, once Aiden agreed to turn over his gun and help Emily set up Conrad, she agreed, in turn, to attend the wedding with him. Seriously, keep your friends close… Smiling and standing by his side for a sham was nothing if it meant getting Mason off her back by sending him down a new rabbit hole. She can certainly think on her feet.

Emily sent Amanda (Margarita Levieva) off to see Mason with some fake medical paperwork saying she simply had her foster care fire scar removed. But just because Mason was placated here, for now, doesn’t mean he headed out of the Hamptons with his head hung in shame. Instead, he unsuspectingly followed Emily’s trail right to Gordon — whose body now had a key piece of planted evidence (a pair of cufflinks) next to it that caused Conrad to get hauled out of his own wedding in handcuffs. Clearly, he was blinded by the next 15 minutes he was convinced he’d get when he wrote the expose on this new Hamptons misfortune. Still, it was shocking to see him call Victoria to offer her a way out of her plans of matrimony — and it was even more shocking that she didn’t take it.

Daniel high-tailed it into serious businessman mode when his father was arrested, and we have to say we don’t like that look on him anymore. It’s just boring, and the more he gives into the Grayson way, the more Emily will have to add him to her list. He wanted Aiden to gather the board to vote his father out so he could take the company’s reigns, while the younger Grayson leaned on Declan (Connor Paolo). Meanwhile, Kara popped back up to grill Victoria on Conrad’s realinvolvement, but she was teetering on the edge of sanity as she began remembering all of her good times with Gordon, refusing to consider it was all a ruse. We hope she can pull it together or she’ll be too easy a target– for anyone and everyone.

Over in the Porters’ neck of the woods, after a heartwarming chat with Mama Bear Kara, Jack (Nick Wechsler) flip-flopped on his relationship with Amanda and actually proposed to her. Of course she said yes, but it was hard to get too excited about this news. After all, he just spent an emotional time thinking she and his son might die, and we have to think this action was just a reaction to that. When he comes to his senses later, he’ll be in even deeper, and his good guy nature won’t let him back out.

And finally, in the fastest release ever, Conrad arrived back home at Grayson Manor seemingly within hours of his arrest. He told Victoria he made a deal with the Initiative to get him out, but he kept his cards close to the chest and refused to tell her just what that deal was. How much worse could it be than terrorism, though? So, you know, more deception, which maybe should be what this season is subtitled…

But the kicker? Victoria mentioned to Mason that Emily was once a juvie girl, and that got the wheels in his head turning — enough that he willingly cut short his own gloating to dig a little deeper.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: We love nothing more than a great actress pretending to be a terrible one, and that is exactly what Stowe did tonight when Victoria feigned concern and terror and ran across the reception to the cops manhandling her new-old husband.

Thank you, TV gods: Conrad’s wedding gift to Victoria was a gun — which ended up pulling on him not before season’s end but episode’s end. And not in the kinky way.

Awk-ward: Who would have thought there would be more judgement passed about who brought whom as dates to the Grayson re-marriage than the actual remarriage itself!?

Hotness: Aiden cleans up nice! And we have to give a hat tip to Nolan’s color coordination with his sort-of girlfriend, too.

Fab-u-lous: Though the color wasn’t optimal for a typical wedding, Victoria’s gown was the perfect mixture of elegant and metaphoric. The silhouette was beautiful, and come on, she had to be feeling pretty dismal at realigning with Conrad, so that gray was perfect on its own, other level!

Can. Not. Wait.: If Mason can prove Emily is the real Amanda, will he be able to play it smartly, or will he reveal his cards to the wrong people and just end up on the bottom of The Amanda?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 7

What did you think of Victoria and Conrad’s wedding, and how do you think Conrad’s deal with the Initiative will fare for either him or his wife (maybe the better question is still what the hell is the Initiative!)? Let us know your thoughts on “Illusion” in the comments below.

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