‘Breaking Dawn – Part II’ Stars Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser on What Made ‘Twilight’ So Meaningful (VIDEO)

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With the fifth and final Twilight movie just around the corner, stars Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser took time to reflect on the uber-popular Saga and the impact it ultimately had on their lives and careers.

“I think I’m just so aware of what a special experience this has been,” Reed, 24, told Celebuzz while promoting Breaking Dawn – Part II. “This is not something that we could ever get used to, or feel was just a given. We’re constantly fighting to make these movies better, and concerned with whatever the fans are concerned with.”

“I’ve been so grateful and appreciative and can’t believe that we’ve made it to where we’ve made it with these movies and we got to complete this,” added Reed, who plays vampire Rosalie in the franchise.

Reed’s on-screen mother agrees.

“These movies have changed the way I relate to an audience,” Reaser, who plays Esme Cullen, said. “I never had a relationship with an audience before this. It’s almost intimate, the relationship we have with them, because there have been years and so many movies and premieres that they’ve come to, or conventions, or even just showing at places where we’re shooting.”

“I feel a real connection to them, and that changed how I see the work, to some extent,” Reaser, 37, continued. “It makes it almost more important … It’s important that they’re happy, because it’s entirely for them.”

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part II opens in theaters worldwide on Nov. 16.

For more on Celebuzz’s interview with Reed and Reaser, watch the video, above.

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