Election 2012: Your Complete Guide to Celebuzz’s Coverage

After months and months of campaigning, Election Day 2012 has finally arrived, the day in which Americans will take to the polls to decide who will become the next President of the United States.

Will it be another four years for Barack Obama? Or will Republicans reclaim the White House with a victory for Mitt Romney?

As our Nation and the rest of the World awaits an answer, Celebuzz is here to recap all of the election features we’ve put together in the last few weeks.

Did you miss any of the big ones?

Below, check out our complete guide to all-things politics, from Ann Romney’s fashion to the Obama’s most memorable moments as President.

Election 2012: A Look Back at Ann Romney’s Campaign Style (GALLERY)
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Election 2012: Celebrities Who Support Mitt Romney (GALLERY)

Election 2012: A History of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Presidents (GALLERY)

Election 2012: A History of First-Lady Fashion (GALLERY)
Election 2012: 25 Most Influential Celebrities During the Presidential Race (GALLERY)
Election 2012: 9 Television Shows to Watch This Political Season

Election 2012: 26 Celebrities Who’ve Played the President On-Screen (GALLERY)

Election 2012: 12 Celebrities Who Went Into Politics (GALLERY)
Election 2012: 10 Things to Know About the Romney Family (GALLERY)
Election 2012: President Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House (GALLERY)
Election 2012: President Barack Obama’s 14 Most Memorable Moments (GALLERY)

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