Kristen Stewart Opens Up About Her Mature Role in ‘On the Road’ (INTERVIEW)

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Fans have seen numerous iterations of Kristen Stewart on the big screen, from an angsty teenager-turned-vampire in The Twilight Saga to just your average angsty teenager in Adventureland.

But they’ve never seen her as they will in On the Road.

In the new movie, based on the classic beatnik novel by Jack Kerouac, Stewart plays Marylou, mate and muse to Dean Moriarity (Garrett Hedlund). As the couple and their friend, Sal Paradise (Sam Riley), crisscross the country in the late ’40s, Stewart smokes pot, sleeps with Hedlund, sleeps with Riley and sometimes sleeps with both at the same time.

“She would have been very well ahead of her time now,” Stewart told Celebuzz about her character. “She never felt like she wanted to limit anyone else’s life, because she loves their life so much.”

As for actually shooting the racy scenes, costar Garrett Hedlund says he tried not to get too close to Stewart for the sake of the movie.

“The more familiar you are with each other, the less familiar you are with each other,” he enigmatically explained. “What attracted all of us to this book is the bravery that they all sort of shared within these moments, starting from when Dean answers the door naked. As a reader you get such a kick out of this cause this is sort of the furthest from any way you would sort of let anybody into your home for the first time.”

Stewart conceded her performance may come as a shock to some of her teenage Twilight fans, but feels it’s her job as an actor to expose different sides of herself from movie to movie.

Even better, she says she was happy to find numerous fans carrying copies of On the Road while promoting Breaking Dawn – Part II

“I have seen little On The Road signs speckled throughout the crowd,” she observed. “It’s monumentally surreal to think that I have anything to do with it.”

While Stewart’s press conference for The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was crowded with media outlets from all over the country last week, her press day for On The Road turned up just a handful of outlets.

“I’ve been on many a Twilight tour, and this one obviously feels completely different,” she reflected. “In this case, I feel no difference – it’s the same feeling wanting people to know what you have going on.”

On the Road opens in select theaters December 21.

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