Kristen Stewart Teases ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Twist Ending on ‘Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ (VIDEO)

Not even a Twi-hard could explain the premise of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 — the final installment of The Twilight Saga — better than the series’ leading lady, Kristen Stewart.

“Popped one out, pretty concerned with that. Me and Edward are doing quite well; people keep trying to kill my baby. But I’m now super spectacular so I can take care of that, being a vampire,” the actress explained to Tonight Show host Jay Leno Monday night.

However, when it came to the film’s rumored twist ending — deep breaths, Twi-hards — Stewart kept things cautiously vague.

“It’s so shocking,” she teased. “Every time I see it or even think about it I get giddy. It freaks me out.” But for fans of the books, the ending shouldn’t comes as too much of a surprise. “It’s easy to skim over. But you can find the root of our little twist [in the book].”

The twist ending isn’t the only aspect of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 that has Stewart giddy with anticipation. The actress, whose love life was the subject of tabloid headlines this summer when she and boyfriend Robert Pattinson briefly split, recently turned the media attention toward her character’s on-screen romance.

“I love the film,” she told a group of reporters at the film’s press conference in Los Angeles. “It’s romantic — it’s what is attractive about it, it’s what is so stirring.”

The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn Part 2 opens on Nov. 16.

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