Lindsay Lohan Facing Charges of Lying to Cops (REPORT)

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Lindsay Lohan Arrested
Lindsay Lohan is arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.
Lindsay Lohan may have landed in more legal hot water.

The Mean Girls star will be charged with a misdemeanor of lying to police in connection to her recent car crash in Los Angeles, Calif., according to TMZ. In June, Lohan was hospitalized after her black Porsche slammed into the rear of an 18-wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, leaving her car totaled.

At the time, Lohan’s rep insisted the actress was completely cooperative with the cops. “Lindsay cooperated fully with law enforcement,” spokesman Steven Honig, who no longer represents Lohan, told Celebuzz. “She has answered all their questions and provided them with everything they have asked for.”

But now a Santa Monica City Attorney is reportedly prepared to file a case against Lohan claiming the ever-embattled star lied to police during said questioning. Lohan — who plays Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime TV movie Liz & Dick, debuting Nov. 25 — allegedly told officials she was not driving her vehicle at the time of the accident, even though eyewitnesses claim she was in fact behind the wheel.

The charge could spiral into more serious legal woes for Lohan, 25. Since she is currently serving an informal probation — which stems from an accusation that she stole a necklace from an L.A. jeweler and lasts until May 24, 2014 — a criminal proceeding could spell a probation violation, which is grounds to put the star behind bars. If it is proven that Lohan has not obeyed all laws, a judge could sentence her to up to 245 days in jail.

It was just this past March that Lohan — after multiple rehab stints and several trips to jail — completed the probation terms in her drunk driving case.

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