'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Premiere: Alex McCord Gives Brandi Glanville Props for Accepting the 'Villain Role' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG)

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Former The Real Housewives of New York castmember Alex McCord is applying her inside knowledge and sharp tongue to Celebuzz’s coverage of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In McCord’s exclusive video blog of Monday's season premiere, the New York mom gives her take on the return of Brandi Glanville, the shifting friendships this season and the moments that made the biggest impact.

What did she think of Brandi’s return as a full-fledged housewife? What moments felt like setups? How does she feel about post-rehab Kim Richards? And quarrelling former besties Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof?

Watch Alex’s video blog above for those and more. And sound off on the episode and Alex's thoughts below.

Celebuzz’s The Daily Buzz celebrates its 6 biggest troublemakers of the Real Housewives. Watch below.

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  • lori

    Alex miss you on RHONY,they made a mistake in my opinion getting rid of you.But you look great and totally tell it like it is! I like Brandi,she went thru a lot of crap from some of the other housewives. She doesn't let anyone give her smack.Don't let Taylor bring you down,she can't get any lower than she is already. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janice

    Cool video. I disagree that Brandi is a mean girl. She just shoots from the hip and doesn't take an crap. I never see her act mean to hurt anyone.

  • Zill Jarin
    Zill Jarin

    Alex looks beautiful

  • Jimlyn Rook
    Jimlyn Rook

    Pure intelligent entertainment. As always, the RH vblogs by Alex outshine the reality shows themselves. Thanks to Celebuzz for giving us more reviews by Alex. Seriously, I see an important film industry reporter and ,dare I say, critic emerging. Her recaps just blow me away. More reviews by Alex, please!

  • Karen

    Your whole 'messenger' (desperate) scenario.... that you are going on about regarding Taylor..... hmmmm must have seemed oddly familar to you as that became your role when you smelled a firing. Interesting

  • CBLW

    Excellento! The insider's view really makes everything so much clearer! THanks a heap. Hope you all are recovering from the storms.

  • Maria

    Ok I really don't mean this in a bad way but.... I seriously love watching your recaps over you on RHONY, ugh you seen HAPPIER! I love it and your eyes are beautiful :)

  • Caroline

    Alex! You are excellent! I enjoy your insider opinions and recaps so much. But you deserve so much better in the way of filming! The video skips, the audio is awful. Please someone at Celebuzz get this woman a professional videographer! You're the greatest Alex and I hope you find a lot of success using that sunny intelligence of yours!

  • Claire

    totally disagree re brandi interpretation surprised your are so off the mark!

  • amber

    hi alex, your tweet led me over to Celebuzz so thanks for helping us find you. Great recap, We have been led to believe that Taylor is in debt so I have a question. When the housewives eat/shop at any business, the producers always flash the storefront name. Does this mean that the meals/clothes are free to the housewives? Does Bravo get a kickback? This happens all the time, do tell. love ya!

  • Champ- Ion
    Champ- Ion

    Alex is the best. I must say; she gets it right just about each time. She has great inside scoop that comes across as a true exclusive and knows bravo well... Thx so much Celebrity Buzz 4 giving her the opportunity. Poor Jilly... she has "Jillousey" LOL "Bye girl" 2 Jill lol

  • designernails

    Great Job Alex. Love your take on the HW's and you do know how it all goes down. You're looking great too!!

  • CC

    Great job recapping RHOBH Alex. Just like RHONY I'll probably like these vlogs more than the actual show. Your knowlege of th taping mechanism gives your recap more depth than other blogs or vlogs.

  • pamdryburgh

    Alex great vlog about this season of #RHOBH. As always you tell it like it is. Loved that you upped your bling game for the Beverly Hills gang!!!! Look forward to seeing more soon.

  • Debra Johnston
    Debra Johnston

    Exactly. Go back and watch Alex - you got this one twisted. Brandy thinks it is just as farfetched as you do that Kim would blame her for her addictions. Otherwise, glad to see you blogging here. Always enjoy your perspective.

  • Christopher Ian Sterling
    Christopher Ian Sterling

    Brandi didn't say that she caused Kim's problems.. she said that Kim seemed to blame her for all her problems.. even as ridiculous as that sounds.

  • Cynthia Beaumont
    Cynthia Beaumont

    WOW you really know what's going on! Love getting your point-of-view ! Can't wait for next week! But I'm looking forward to today's New episode of you and Simon on Couples Therapy! Can't wait to see Simon in the Speedos !

  • Karen

    Love my Alex!!! Great job!

  • Susan

    We're in Canada and the new season hasn't started here yet; so to watch your video blog is very interesting. Why no former 'Housewife' has done this before, is amazing, as your insight is quite enlightening. I glad it's you, Alex, and not Jill Zarin, as I think you would be much more fair in your opinion. I hope you are brought on to provide opinion on all the Housewife series. I always thought it was wrong that you and your husband were not kept on the New York series.

  • Kimberly

    Great Vlog, seems like there will be alot going on this season. Keep the videos coming !! Love the "inside" perspective..