‘Twilight’ Star Robert Pattinson: ‘I Really Feel Like My Life Is Speeding Up’ (INTERVIEW)

Robert Talks 'BD - Part 2'
Robert Pattinson dishes on life after 'Twilight'.
With the Twilight Saga set to conclude with the release of the finale on Nov. 16, star Robert Pattinson is admitting he has mixed feelings about saying goodbye to the much-beloved franchise.

“I can’t really imagine when we do the last premiere and that’s it,” the heartthrob told Celebuzz while promoting the film’s final chapter, Breaking Dawn – Part II.

“I really feel like my life is kind of speeding up. It’s the first time I feel like I am 26.”

This might explain why Pattinson was in such a reflective mood in our interview, during which he recalled the first time he met Kristen Stewart and Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke.

“I was really, really nervous,” he confessed. “I took half a Valium. I had never taken a Valium before. And there was a really nice cab journey there, because I was freaking out the entire time. And I called up my agent, and she was like, ‘Just take a Valium!'”

The audition went so well, Pattinson got to thinking Valium might work in other scenarios, like meeting the film’s producers a few days later.

“I was like, ‘Should I take another Valium?  Why not?” He laughed. “I took it and was falling asleep in the office.  I learned my lesson really quickly.”

Pattinson also remembers fighting with Hardwicke on the first movie, and having doubts about the enterprise as a whole.

“You couldn’t tell if it was a studio movie or an indie, [and] we couldn’t tell if it was for adults or kids,” he recalls. “Everyone was crazy. Is it a love story? Is it a vampire movie or whatever? So it was a good energy — everyone was fighting the whole time.”

Back before he got the part, the London-native found himself in Los Angeles for a meeting on another movie. The get-together was meant to be a formality for a role he thought he had in the bag.

When he didn’t get the part, he called home and told his parents he was thinking about giving up on acting. Then came Twilight.

Once on the set, Pattinson and Hardwicke had a hard time seeing the character of Edward, a vampire who falls in love with high school student Bella Swan (Stewart), the same way. He tried to push the strangeness underlying Edward Cullen, whereas Hardwicke wanted a more accessible leading man.

To make her case, she gave him a copy of the book with moments highlighted when Edward smiles or jokes.

“It’s like he’s a normal guy, stop being a weirdo,” Hardwicke told him.

“So I was so pissed off with her,” he laughed. “I got a copy of the book and highlighted all the times where he frowned and was angry, and I just gave it back to her.”

Four years and five movies later, Pattinson finds himself at the “that’s it” point of his Twilight journey; the time to say goodbye to Edward and move on to other projects.

Already, Pattinson has shown he can play roles beyond a sparking vampire, thanks to gigs in films like Water for Elephants and Cosmopolis.

He’ll also appear in a number of high-profile projects in the future, including Werner Herzog’s Queen of the Desert, with Naomi Watts, and Hold on to Me, a film noir with Carey Mulligan.

So, as the end of Twilight approaches, has Pattinson hung up his vampire fangs once and for all? It all depends on what series author Stephanie Meyer does next.

“If Stephanie writes another [book], she should somehow combine it with this superhero element,” joked Pattinson.

“Edward just wears a costume and then aliens invade.”

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