Gun-Toting Johnny Depp Gets Into Character for 'The Lone Ranger' Role (EXCLUSIVE)

Johnny is a real life 'Lone Ranger'
‘The Lone Ranger’ Johnny Depp Is A Real Life Gun Slinger

Just call it method acting.

Johnny Depp proved to be a real life The Lone Ranger in Simi Valley, Calif. at the weekend, when he appeared a gun range to hone his marksmanship skills ahead of the 2013 release of the upcoming action Western film, in which he stars as the character 'Tonto'.

“We worked with some air-soft guns and he brought guns of his own,” world champion shooter Taran Butler told Celebuzz.

Butler, who runs the gun store and range Taran Tactical Innovations, previously trained Depp for his role as John Dillinger in the 2009 box office hit Public Enemies.

“I have to say meeting Johnny... everyone thinks he’s the coolest guy and he really is the coolest guy,” Butler added.

The pair reunited for some gun-toting action as The Lone Ranger finishes shooting.

Filming for the much-anticipated Disney film commenced the first week of March and continued in Moab, Utah in July. Stunt and blue screen work reportedly commenced in late September in the parking lot of Santa Anita Racetrack, Arcadia, Calif.

It's scheduled to be released on July 3, 2013.

Not only does Depp have big guns, but he also has a big heart, too.

“He even took the time to get on the phone with a friend of mine who has stage four breast cancer and talk to her for 20 minutes,” Butler told Celebuzz, recalling their weekend rifle rendevous.

“He didn’t have to do that and he was sincerely talking to her about her situation. He gave her hope and made her day.”

The 49-year-old Hollywood superstar, who's known for performing his own stunts, also knows about taking aim, it seems.

Butler posted photos of his meeting with the Pirates of the Caribbean star on his Facebook page, where many of his friends were starstruck.

“He’s a super cool guy and had some great stories about his years in Hollywood!” Butler wrote to his pals.

“I was super stoked to meet him.”

Butler, a competitive shooter, added, “He was shooting really good even before we started training."

So much so, Depp gave the pro a run for his money. “I called Johnny & said I would pay him a $100 in cash to come pose with my new TTI guns, he said DEAL," Butler added on his social media page.

“Let me guess Depp crushed you on the drills…” one commenter posted.

“Yes!” Butler replied.

What do you think of gun-slinging Johnny and are you excited for The Lone Ranger? Chime in with your comments below.

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  • xjo

    johnny is the man!!!i am soooo inspired by him!!!it feels so great to love him!!!

  • flob

    I love seeing Johnny and hearing what a cool guy he is but your article is so full of untruths that it makes me wonder if any of it is true. What can't you get your facts straight???

  • Kathleen Brenner
    Kathleen Brenner

    As usual your headline is misleading. Johnny wrapped filming on the Lone Ranger in September and just met with Taran to shoot this past weekend. Not to mention the fact that he plays TONTO not the Lone Ranger and Tonto doesn't use AR-15's which is what they were shooting.

  • Aboveall

    Love him!


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