Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal: Is It Possible for Robert Pattinson to Forgive and Forget? (EXCLUSIVE GUEST BLOG)

Writing exclusively for Celebuzz, Wendy Walsh, Ph.D. — author of the forthcoming ‘The 30-Day Love Detox’ — argues Robert Pattinson can forgive and forget girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s infidelity. The psychotherapist explains how.

All seems calm in the Robert Pattinson household these days. Except that since Kristen Stewart’s highly publicized affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, there are actually two houses. It’s not clear if the couple has moved back in together but the general consensus is that they have reconciled.

So the big question remains: Can Robert forgive and forget? Can a couple really get back to a secure place after such a betrayal? The answer is a resounding “yes, but…”

As in…

….yes, but it will take time. Earning back trust can take years.

… yes, but the couple will have to work hard to keep their relationship out of the limelight. Having the press as a watchdog will only fuel unsubstantiated rumors that will rattle the trust building.

…yes, but Robert will have to realize that forgiveness isn’t a gift to Kristin. It’s a gift to himself. When he truly forgives her, he will be light hearted enough to fall back in love again.

… yes, but the couple will need to work on the level of emotional intimacy and compassion within their relationship. This is the glue. The biggest thing that prevents cheating is a sense of compassion for their partner.

… yes, but the couple may have to reframe the affair as not being a betrayal but as being a test of their love. Once they pass the test, there is no reason to repeat it.

Many couples find that they can actually grow closer after an affair. The event can bring up raw emotions that will open the door to finally being able to communicate on a deeper level.

Once a dialogue begins where the couple can explore what the true problem was in the relationship — an affair is just a symptom of the problem – they can grow a much more secure attachment to each other.

Wendy Walsh is also an expert for

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