Obama Wins: Celebrities Show Love for the President in Style (GALLERY)

Stars React to Obama Win
Celebrities take to Twitter to chime in on the election results. Read More »

Get ready for four more years of Barack Obama-inspired fashions.

The 44th President of the United States became the country's 45th Tuesday night when he won re-election against former governor Mitt Romney.

Aside from tweeting their excitement and congratulations to the winning candidate, celebrities everywhere donned their best Obama duds to show support for the American icon. Miley Cyrus and Sarah Jessica Parker have all been spotted rocking their favorite Obama tees, while singer Beyonce proudly showed the president some love with a pair of golden earrings that proudly spelled the POTUS' name.

Who were other stars that wore their support on their sleeves -- literally?

Launch the gallery above for more celebrities who have rocked Obama gear.

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  • Cheryl

    Beyonce you really look stupid. I expect much more from u

  • camdyn

    really, Beyonce?!

  • Prime Time Media
    Prime Time Media

    And every one of them will become a casualty as America takes obama and his supporting network down piece by piece, overturning stone by stone, always remembering the lesson that obamas benefactors showered upon America on 9/11. Obama will get his public comeuppance, and America is setting up the time and the place for their retaliation and retribution against him, his family and his network.

  • snazzysandy

    Romney didn't win because he doesn't care about "the other 47%" Famous last words that are going to haunt Romney for the rest of his living days.

  • Rose

    Um, I think you mean the 44th and 45th president. George W Bush is the 43rd president.