Prince William, Kate Middleton Did Not Send ‘Personal Note’ of Congratulations to President Barack Obama, Palace Confirms

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Hold on, royal family fans.

Contrary to an Us Weekly report claiming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had sent a “personal note” of congratulations to President Barack Obama following his big election victory, St. James’s Palace wants to clear the air.

A palace spokesperson has confirmed with Socialite Life the story is “not true” and there is “no statement” from the royal couple.

On Thursday, a source told Us Weekly that “The Duke and Duchess have sent a personal note of congratulations to Barack Obama on his U.S. re-election,” adding Queen Elizabeth was “pleased with the election result.”

The president, First Lady Michelle Obama, Prince William, and Kate Middleton first met in May 2011, when the Obamas were on a European tour. Earlier this summer, the first lady and the Duchess reunited at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but without their husbands in tow.

On late Wednesday night, the 44th president of the United States was re-elected for a second term after a long campaign season against Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

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  • Sensibly British
    Sensibly British

    This has turned out to be completely true. Good show, Britannia!! At least the British still have their senses, wits and brains about them. It's too bad for everyone that the media-mad US voting youth of New York and California can't claim the same advantages and benefits.

  • jesscia123

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  • Travis

    Thursday hadn't even happened yet, not even in England by the time this article was posted!

  • Victoria McGuire
    Victoria McGuire