‘Twilight’ Stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Hop On Private Jet in Matching Outfits (PHOTOS)

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are flying in style — co-ordinating style, that is.

The Twilight couple were spotted taking the skies in an airfield at Van Nuys, Calif., late on Tuesday. Sporting matching jeans and white cotton tees, the couple like casual and comfortable as they boarded a private jet.

Stewart, 22, and Pattinson, 26, have certainly been racking up their frequent flyer miles these past couple of weeks.

The co-stars are currently on their global promotional tour for their upcoming movie Breaking Dawn — Part 2, which is due out Nov. 16.

“I can’t really imagine when we do the last premiere and that’s it,” Pattinson told Celebuzz while promoting the film.

“I really feel like my life is kind of speeding up. It’s the first time I feel like I am 26.”

Find out what his ladylove had to say about the final Twilight film in our interview, below.

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