‘Key & Peele’ Stars Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele Reveal the Secrets to a Successful Obama Impersonation (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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After seeing the results of Tuesday’s presidential election, comedians Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele must be feeling pretty good about the future of their spot-on impersonation of Barack Obama, who was re-elected for another four-year term.

But the actors say that they’re less interested in partisanship with the humor on their hit television show Key & Peele than simply driving home the next great punch line.

“We’re going for the laugh, really, ultimately,” Peele tells Celebuzz. “We’re not going to do or say anything we don’t believe is true, because it betrays the laugh.”

Key observes that despite their potential effect on the voting public, they’re interested mostly in pairing great jokes with a larger sense of social consciousness.

“We may be having an influence, but the biggest thing for us is that what rings true gets the laugh,” he explains. “But we’re trying to be on the side of justice – it’s like, people don’t talk to presidents that way, and you’re talking to the president that way.”

Meanwhile, Peele reveals that there are a lot of dimensions to doing a great Obama impersonation – so many, in fact, that it requires two actors to bring him to life.

“The secret is capturing what’s going on behind the voice,” he says. “He’s a funny guy, he’s charismatic, he’ll take care of you. But no, I don’t know, it’s probably that I got this guy beside me doing his subtext, his angry subtext. It’s kind of a two-man impression.”

Key, on the other hand, credits Peele for finding the right combination of qualities a good rendition demands.

“He’s found all of the correct ingredients,” Key says of his partner.

Key & Peele broadcasts new episodes each week on Wednesday at 10:30 PM. Watch a clip from the show above.

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