Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Take London for New Fashion Line Launch (PHOTOS)

Kim and Kourtney Take London
Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian Launch 'Kourtney Kollection'

They’ve taken L.A., New York, and Miami, and now The Kardashian sisters are taking London by storm, with the launch of their new fashion line for Britain's high-street clothing chain Dorothy Perkins.

Kim and Kourtney left sunny Miami behind, arriving in London earlier this week to promote the aptly named Kardashian Kollection -- but they didn't leave their great style behind.

The posh pair made a chic appearance at an event to celebrate the launch of their clothing line on Thursday.

Though she wasn't able to join her co-designers for the launch, Khloe Kardashian will join Kourtney and Kim in London on Saturday to meet fans at a promotional event at the Westfield shopping center in West London.

Having built a successful fashion and beauty empire in the U.S., the business-savvy sisters have their sights set on dressing their curvy fans across the pond.

Calling herself an "ambassador for Britain's curvy women," Kim told the UK Sun that the trio designed the collection for Britain's curvy girls.

“We embrace our body shape and body type and want to make clothes for women who have a more realistic body," Kardashian said of the 100-piece collection, which includes plenty of body-conscious dresses and lace-adorned blouses that you could easily imagine the famously curvy sisters wearing.

"We are like a brand for our fans – we see what our fans are asking us for from our blogs and Facebook and Twitter. That gives us the ability to communicate so directly and we see they are really loving the brand and the line being made for curvy girls,” the reality star added.

While the trio's sexy-glam aesthetic informs the collection, Kim says the line was also inspired by the way British women dress.

“I love British style," she told the UK Sun. “Our line for Dorothy Perkins is definitely designed with the British girl in mind.”

But curvy girls in the U.S. can still score a piece the Kardashian's sexy-glam style -- the Kardashian Kollection is available on too.

Check out what Kim and Kourtney wore to promote their new line today -- plus, a look at the Kardashian's Kollection's sexy styles here.

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    I just don't understand why Kim always dresses like a prostitute :( I mean she is absolutely beautiful, I'd love to see her in something a lot more classy :) Every single outfit she wears shows way too much, I just think it is kinda tacky :( Please don't misundersatnd, I truely love Kim and I am so addicted to her show, I just think she'd be even more beautiful if she had some class.