Tara Reid Turns 37: Her Bikini Body Through the Years (GALLERY)

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Happy Birthday, Tara Reid!

On Thursday, Nov. 7, the American Pie star turns 37 -- and Celebuzz is taking a look back at her best bikini looks.

Whether it’s short shorts with a basic black bikini top or a matching hot pink two-piece ensemble, Reid has rocked dozens of beach ready outfits over the years.

These days, when she’s not hanging out with her BFFs and former Celebrity Big Brother UK co-stars Jedward, Reid is busy sharing personal news and thoughts with her growing Twitter followers.

“I just went food shopping and i’m gonna make the best steak sandwiches tonight! Yummy!” she wrote earlier this week.

“I want to meet a really nice boyfriend am I ever gonna find him?” Reid added later that night.

The actress’ last high-profile relationship was with Bulgarian businessman Zachary Kehayov. The pair reportedly married in Greece in August 2011, but just two months later, Reid clarified that the union was not legal to begin with.

For now, here’s a toast to Tara Reid, her bikini body, and her 37th birthday.

Take a look at the gallery, above, and share your birthday wishes for Tara Reid below!

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  • Hylas Man
    Hylas Man

    Hyla, I noticed you have absolutely no shame. This is a great thing since I need a pretty boy like you to perform degrading rectal cleaning duties while I relax with a stogie after I return from a hot sweaty day workin' in the sewers under the city. As you know, a man's ass can get pretty ripe after soakin' in a pair of tight jeans in hot damp conditions. I need your ass starved enthusiastic tongue to get into places my dog won't even go.

  • QueenyPoo

    No kidding, my gaydar points straight up every time I see that sexy Jewbabe! The things I'd do with his hotdog aren't exactly kosher, if you know what I mean!

  • Buddy Luv
    Buddy Luv

    Forget Tara, it's Hyla that gets me hard. I'd play his rusty tromboner all day!

  • Marc Jacobs
    Marc Jacobs

    Tara Reid gives me a boner!

  • Ernest

    I guess that she celebrated her birthday a day early because I thought it was Nov. 8th.

  • davenport

    Id still do her in the @$$

  • Guest

    Tara Reid and Jessica Simpson will spread for anyone anytime.

  • Anonymous

    Worst stomach ever. Guys must scream when they see Tara naked.

  • Anonymous

    Lousy in bed Tara Reid has one of the most awful bodies in Hollywood. Bad plastic surgery, smoking, drinking, drugs, and spreading her way across the globe have prematurely aged Tara Reid.

  • Laquisha Jenkins
    Laquisha Jenkins

    The guy in the video sounds drunk.

  • Adriana G
    Adriana G

    Isn't she dating one or both from Jedward? There are pics of them all hanging on each other and looking worse for wear together. Unusual, but good for her