‘Vampire Diaries’ Postmortem: EP Julie Plec Says ‘Everything’s About to Change’

'TVD': Julie Plec on Hayley
The EP talks about the Hayley, Tyler, and Caroline love triangle.
Thursday’s episode The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, “The Killer,” had our favorite Mystic Falls residents in some major predicaments. As we hinted in our preview, Elena (Nina Dobrev) played a strong role in the episode and had to make some tough choices, while the Salvatore brothers fought and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) learned some new information.

“Everything’s about to change in one way or another,” executive producer Julie Plec told reporters at a special screening of the episode at The CW offices in Burbank. “Those changes will have a ripple effect through the entire season. I’m not saying it’s all going to change next Thursday at 8 o’clock but there are some pretty big moves next week as a result of [what happened on ‘The Killer’].”

Note: Major Spoilers Ahead if you haven’t seen Thursday’s Episode, “The Killer.”

First things first, Elena feeds on and then kills Connor (Todd Williams)! We knew it would happen sooner or later, but her first kill being the baddest hunter to ever hit the Falls, we definitely did not expect that. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see her attempt to bury him.

However, with Connor’s death, Elena unknowingly also destroyed whatever hope that Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) had for finding a cure for her using the hunter’s mark. Now, along with Elena’s devastation over her act of violence, she’ll also have to deal with hallucinations, which are a result of the murder she committed.

When you kill a legitimate vampire hunter, there’s a price to pay. “There’s a weird consequence to it all that she’s really going to have to deal with that takes her to some dark, dark places,” reveals Plec.

Elena will also start next week’s episode “super mad” at Stefan for lying to her. Her forgiveness of him will come with learning the truth about what is really going on, but the events of “The Killer” will, of course, also impact the ever-lasting triangle between her and the Salvatore brothers. Not just in the long run but on next week’s episode. [And that last conversation between Stefan and Damon regarding the need to cure Elena — so many thoughts!]

Elena is not the only Gilbert affected by the death of Connor though. With his murder, the hunter’s mark has now apparently transferred to Jeremy as he looks at his hand and sees the beginning of a tattoo in the last moments of the episode.

Jeremy’s mark will be revealed to the other characters starting next week. With the official episode description for “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes” indicating that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Stefan will be helping Jeremy begin a new chapter in his life. We’re assuming that they’ll be teaching him to hunt vampires. Now that Klaus has found the sword they need to map the cure, Jeremy is the key to completing the map. And in order to expand his tattoo he has to kill.

The cure itself will obviously have major implications for our heroes on The Vampire Diaries if it’s found and it will cause major questions to be asked. Plec likens “this announcement of the cure at this point in the narrative as equal to Katherine wants a moonstone, Damon’s looking for a crystal. It’s just the beginning. It’s the beginning of a lot of roads that we can travel down.”

But for those who are sad to see the bad ass hunter depart, the executive producer teases, “Believe it or not, we have not seen completely, totally, the last of Connor.”

So what about April (Grace Phipps) and her apparent connection to Connor and the grand plan of Season 4 that was revealed on the episode?

The pastor’s daughter serves as a constant reminder of what their lives, especially Elena’s, once was, as well as an outlet of information. Plec assures us, “When all is said and done, April is our vessel to start getting some answers for that really surprising twist of events at the end of the first episode.”

As for Caroline and Hayley, their first meeting was tense and fantastic but the big news from “The Killer” is that we learned for sure that Hayley isn’t just in Mystic Falls to stir things up for Caroline and Tyler. She and Tyler have a plan to help hybrids break their bonds to Klaus.

“What you just saw is the glimpse of a beginning of a story for Tyler that we are kind of excited about,” explains Plec. Tyler will take on a heroic role through this storyline starting a revolution of sorts amongst the hybrids.

While Hayley being in town “will give Klaus this kind of gleeful, perverse, little power thing he thinks he holds over Caroline and Tyler” and “allow him to make a move or two,” the trio will actually be “pulling one over his eyes a little bit.” Could this be why Tyler is taking Hayley to Miss Mystic Falls?

Lastly, our dear Bonnie spent the entire episode being hypnotized by Professor Shane (David Alpay), who we learned last week was in cahoots with the now deceased hunter. While the good professor did help her do magic again and seems to have a need to protect her, Plec warns, “We just don’t know if it’s in her best interest or not.”

What did you think about “The Killer?” Are you excited for the big changes in store on TVD? Sound off in the comments below!

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