‘X Factor’s’ Diamond White on Her Return: ‘I Put a Little Bit of Fear in People’

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FOX’s The X Factor pulled a last minute rabbit out of its hat when the judges decided to bring back one of last week’s eliminated contestants: Diamond White.

A member of Britney Spears’ teen category, White says she was definitely surprised by the call viewers saw on Wednesday’s show. She had been told to expect one from the legal department regarding her contract, so she had no idea that it would actually be her mentor on the line.

“That was definitely how it all went down,” she tells Celebuzz after the show. “That was like the first time that I had gotten a call from Britney. That wasn’t staged at all. That was real – all the emotions and all of the crying. I’m not an emotional person, so I can’t believe I actually cried. But knowing that I got a call from Britney and I’m back on the show, I’m really happy.”

The call was made on Monday and White was rushed back into the contestants’ mansion and into rehearsals. While her song, Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” from The Bodyguard soundtrack, was chosen for her, White says she welcomed the decision.

“Whitney is a big artist to live up to,” the Detroit native explains. “And if you’re going to sing her songs, it’s kind of tough to do. So, I felt like in order to prove myself — that I was meant to stay in the competition and I got brought back for a reason — I just kind of felt I had to do the best I’ve ever done vocally and performance-wise and kind of just blow everyone out of the water. And I think I did that.”

Clearly, some viewers wondered how fair it is to bring back an eliminated artist. And, of course, White had to wonder what the reception would be like from her teammates.

“It is a competition,” the 13-year-old says. “And if I were in their shoes, I would kind of be shaken up a little bit because there’s this one person that got brought back. Because, you know that there’s only 12 people that’s supposed to be here. And then they brought someone back for a Top 13. I think I put a little bit of fear in people.”

Yet as viewers saw, White was welcomed into the house with open arms. “They basically tackled me,” White laughs.

“I’m really glad she came back,” fellow Teens category member, Beatrice Miller, tells us. “I don’t think it’s the team specifically whose chances are lower. I think it’s everyone’s, because there are more people. I think everyone here is really amazing, so I don’t really know what’s going happen but Diamond definitely deserves to be here.”

And what does Arin Ray, the guy who knocked White out of the competition, have to say about her return?

“I’m really happy she came back,” Ray says. “I feel like she didn’t deserve to go home. My category is so strong. I feel like we are the best category in this competition. They’re all amazing. And with myself, you have four true stars in that category.”

“I’m happy that she’s back, because I really want her to do well,” he continues. “I want her to be successful. I want everyone in my category and this competition to be successful, because they all deserve it.”

The X Factor Top 13 elimination show airs Thursday at 8 PM on FOX.

What are your thoughts on Diamond’s return? Do you think Thursday’s performance validated the decision? Sound off in the comments section below.

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