Halle Berry, Eva Green, Ursula Andress: James Bond’s Iconic Beauties (VIDEO)

'Skyfall' Reviews
The latest Bond installment draws raves from critics.
Since the James Bond movie series began, the roguish hero has been constantly surrounded by beautiful women – but which ones made a deeper impression than the notches on his bedpost?

In advance of the release of Skyfall, The Daily Buzz host Jonathan Hyla sat down with film critic Alicia Malone and Senior Film Editor Todd Gilchrist to look back at beauties old and new in the 50-year-old franchise.

Although it’s generally agreed that Ursula Andress is not just the quintessential Bond girl, but probably the best one, Gilchrist championed Diana Rigg as a personal favorite, not the least of which because she became the series’ one and only Mrs. Bond (in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service).

Malone, meanwhile, really liked Halle Berry (in Die Another Day), but also argued for Eva Green (in Casino Royale) and Michelle Yeoh (in Tomorrow Never Dies), both of whom are more interesting and complicated than some of the eye candy that have adorned other Bond films.

Watch Celebuzz’ profile below of Skyfall Bond girl and Hollywood newcomer Berenice Marlohe.

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