Lindsay Lohan’s Canceled Sit-Down With Barbara Walters: ‘She Shouldn’t Be Doing Bad Interviews Right Now,’ Says PR Expert Howard Bragman

Lindsay Cancels on 20/20
The star pulls out of her interview with Barbara Walters.
Lindsay Lohan raised eyebrows for canceling her 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters, but pulling the plug on the esteemed journalist may not have been the worst decision in the world.

“So many times you think it’s a bad move, but sometimes it can be worse to do an interview that you’re not ready for,” Howard Bragman, vice chairman of, told Celebuzz on Friday. “If I were Lindsay’s publicist, I would be very cautious about how I used her, because I think she’s got a lot of issues, and I don’t think she’s always a great interview.”

“Lindsay is frankly not particularly good at handling adverse questions,” he continued. “She’s a girl who doesn’t take responsibility for her own actions. Barbara Walters is a tough journalist. She’s not going to give her a pass.”

Bragman went on to say that this is well beyond a PR issue for Lohan, whose troubled behavior has plagued her career and life for almost a decade.

“I think people need to realize that she’s got real life problems,” he said. “She’s got much bigger issues to contend with than whether or not she does a Barbara Walters interview.

“She’s just using bad judgment and immaturity. It’s like anybody with any kind of problem. Until that person realizes they have a problem, they’re not gonna resolve it. It’s really that simple.”

Bragman also feels Lohan’s decision to cancel the interview won’t affect her already struggling career longterm.

“She’s got a sucky image out there,” he said. “One interview isn’t going to make or break her. I’d rather her not do an interview than do a bad interview. This is a girl who shouldn’t be doing bad interviews right now.”

In October, it was reported that Lohan would sit down with Walters to discuss playing Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime biopic Liz & Dick. She canceled this week because she and her new PR team were “dissatisfied with the direction ABC wanted to take the interview,” according to Deadline.

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