One Direction’s Harry Styles Shows Off New Chest Tattoos, While Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik Get Inked Again (PHOTOS)

Harry's Ink
Harry Styles shows off more tattoos.
Harry Styles is all tatted up!

The One Direction singer is sporting fresh ink — in the shape of two large swallows — on his chest. Before performing on Thursday night’s X Factor elimination, the 18-year-old paid a visit to the man responsible for David Beckham’s colorful tats at Shamrock Tattoos in Los Angeles.

Back on set for the live taping, Styles was spotted proudly showed off his new ink to bandmate Zayn Malik, who was so inspired by Styles’ tat, he went out with bandmate Louis Tomlinson to get a tattoo of his own Thursday night.

Styles has an interesting mix of smalls tats on his forearms. Alongside his small padlock, which was tattooed by singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, Styles also sports two small zigzags, a fish skeleton and the figure “99p.”

During an appearance on an Irish late night show in October, the floppy-haired singer declined to say what the tats meant — but bandmate Niall Horan quickly replied: “It’s a London thing.”

Styles is also sporting a phrase on his left wrist that begins with the words, “I can’t.” Then, he has the words “Things I can” and “Thing’s I can’t” scribbled on both forearms. Those tats were reportedly done in Dublin in early October, reports The Daily Mail.

Prior to that, Styles was spotted in the parlor chair, showing off a few new tats on his upper left ribcage, including a pair of comedy and tragedy drama masks, a birdcage and the letters “SMCL.”

There’s some debate among One Direction fans as to the meaning behind “SMCL.” Some believe that the letters stand for “Smile more, cry later,” while other Directioners think the letters stand for Simon Cowell, who first signed the group in early 2011 after being formed on The X Factor. 

Meanwhile, bandmate Tomlinson has a stick man inked on the inside of his right forearm. As the 20-year-old previously announced on Twitter, he and fellow One Direction member Liam Payne also had tattoos done in Dublin. Payne proudly sported his forearm tattoo on The X Factor.

The pair had matching screws inked on their ankles to match ones that both Styles and Zayn Malik have already.

Now the only member of One Direction without any ink is Horan, who recently admitted to a pretty embarrassing tattoo mishap.  This past October, Tomlinson tweeted, “So Me and Liam joined the crew yesterday and got two screw tattoo’s on our ankles, now we all have it except Niall! Come on @NiallOfficial.”

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One Direction’s sophomore album Take Me Home drops Nov. 13.