‘Revenge’ Preview: It’s the Beginning of the End — But for Whom?

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Last week on ABC’s Revenge, Emily (Emily VanCamp) literally used the words “the beginning of the end for Mason Treadwell,” but it would be just too easy obvious for the show to say something so explicit, only for his body to be the one found a few episodes down the line, right?

When we spoke with Revenge actress Christa B. Allen earlier in the season, she previewed that the seventh episode would be the true beginning of the sinking of The Amanda arc. That would be the episode, she teased, that the groundwork was laid for just who didn’t survive the season, as well. Now that that episode is finally upon us, let’s look at some possible victims, shall we?

Read on for Celebuzz’s take on who Revenge may sacrifice on Season 2.

1. Kara Wallace (Jennifer Jason Leigh) – Admittedly, from the little we saw on the season premiere, it certainly looked like a man’s arm being pulled out of The Amanda by the rescue team. Then again, water deaths do cause bloating. And after learning Conrad (Henry Czerny) maybe, kind of killed her husband, she may go off the deep end again. She tried to drown her kid once, maybe she just lays down in her daughter’s quarters and refuses to get up? It’s a long shot, and we’re not holding our breath that it’s her.

2. Aiden Mathis (Barry Sloane) – Though he is certainly a smooth talker, he is making waves with a number of people. Of course, there is the whole contentious past with Emily herself, but he also put himself on Kara’s taser-toting radar, and now they’re floating in the same world. Getting into business with Daniel (Josh Bowman) could put him in harm’s way — if Conrad isn’t too distracted with the Initiative. His crazy good chemistry with Emily, and Conrad being too busy with the Initiative, leads us to believe Aiden’s (thankfully) safe for awhile, though.

3. Declan Porter (Connor Paolo) – OK, there’s no real reason to believe it’s Declan here, but hey, we can dream, right?

4. Kenny Ryan (JR Bourne) – He popped up out of nowhere. And at first it seemed like he just wanted to buy the bar out from under the Porters, but lately he’s been taking too much of a fatherly (with an ulterior motive) interest in Declan. That storyline is just weird, and the quickest way to wrap it up? Eliminate the complication. Permanently.

5. Nate Ryan (Michael Trucco) – We have yet to meet this particular character, so it wouldn’t really be fair to doom his fate sight unseen. But since he’s the brother of such a shady character, and there are many casualties in this world, chances are good he pays for the sins of a family member.

6. Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) – With his own not quite Beautiful Mind bulletin board wall, he seems to have put it together that Emily is actually Amanda, even if not vice versa. Since he’s the kind of guy who likes to parade around, shooting his mouth off about his fabulous discoveries while he’s still piecing them together, rather than working quietly under the radar to release a shocking tell-all that catches everyone by surprise, our money, for right now, is still on him. There’s no way Emily can allow him to raise suspicions. New twists may try to make us change our minds, but last season we saw Tyler coming a million miles away, so if you’re betting men and women, too, you may want to trust our gut.

Revenge airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM on ABC.

Who do you think Revenge will get rid of? And more importantly, who do you think the show should get rid of? Leave your picks in the comments below!

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