‘Skyfall’ Star Daniel Craig on Where He Wants James Bond to Go Next (VIDEO)

Craig Talks 'Skyfall'
Daniel Craig reflects on 50 years of James Bond.
Nobody knows quite yet where James Bond’s journey will take him after Skyfall, but if it were up to star Daniel Craig, he’d go “anywhere.”

“I really mean it,” he told Celebuzz while promoting Skyfall.

“Maybe not invisible cars,” he quipped, referring to the infamous device in a previous Bond movie, Die Another Day. “No offense, but you know …”

In Skyfall, out Friday, Craig returns to the role of the martini-drinking, woman-loving, butt-kicking role that made him a household name in 2006’s Casino Royale.

This time around, he teamed with Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes (American Beauty), an experience he called “incredible.”

“It’s great to have him, because I can relax about things,” he said.

“Sam’s job done an incredible job,” he added, on Mendes’ ability to mix action with drama in the movie. “I’ve done enough of these movies to know now how hard it is to marry that together.”

“It’s a difficult thing to do.”

Skyfall opens nationwide on Friday. For more on Celebuzz’s interview with Daniel Craig, watch the video above.

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