‘X Factor’s’ Simon Cowell Is ‘100 Percent’ Certain the Right Singer Was Eliminated

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After all was said and done on Thursday’s elimination episode of FOX’s The X Factor, Jason Brock was sent home packing. And he seemed to take it in stride.

“I got to go with this, which is very me,” Brock referred to his outfit while talking to reporters after the show. “And I got to do ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart,’ which is very me. So, I ended on a very me note. And I got to tell everyone my two passions: Gays and Japan.”

As for that last bit, Brock explained that he wanted to represent gay people well in the competition. And as for Japan, he said that his boyfriend lives there and he loves the country. But, that doesn’t mean he leaves the competition without some hard feelings.

Executive producer and judge Simon Cowell’s comments on Wednesday night regarding his outfit and weight hit the singer hard.

“Those comments [about my outfit] were terrible. I was like ready to cry all day today, because of what Simon said,” the San Francisco resident reveals.

“And that I couldn’t fly, I could maybe go two inches off the ground,” the 35-year-old continues. “Basically, he made fun of me because I was fat too. I think Simon just didn’t like who I was. He couldn’t see me as a pop star.”

Brock wasn’t too far off. When Cowell spoke to reporters, he confirmed that he felt the right person went home. “A hundred percent,” Cowell says of his certainty that America did the right thing.

“I think other people should have gone in his place,” Cowell explains. “So, I never believed he had a cat in hell’s chance of winning. He is what he is. He’s a nice guy. He’s a cabaret singer, but he doesn’t have the X factor.”

Brock’s mentor, L.A. Reid, decided not to speak to press after the elimination. And although Brock said on the show that it was a pleasure to work with the music producer, he definitely thinks that Reid didn’t quite get him either.

“I think all the choices that I could make, I made the right choices,” Brock says. “I felt like I sang all my songs with all of me. And there were song choices that L.A. made that I wasn’t able to change. And I kind of went with his advice, because I trusted him. So, I can’t change that.”

Do you think America sent the right person home? Or should the judges have saved Jason over CeCe Frey? Sound off in the comments section below.

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