Kristen Stewart, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lawrence: Top 10 Celebrity Quotes of the Week (GALLERY)

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Cameron Diaz strips down for Terry Richardson spread.
“I’m going to just let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are … Keep ‘em guessing, I always say.”

Which high-profile celebrity remained very hush-hush about her personal life this week?

Was it Kristen Stewart, Cameron Diaz or Jennifer Lawrence?

Find out in Celebuzz’s top quotes of the week.

Who is the Hollywood starlet that dodged questions about her private life?

It was Kristen Stewart!

Mum was the word for this Twilight star when fielding relationship questions from Today Show host Savannah Guthrie in a recent interview.

Stewart and her on and off-screen boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, have been victims of intense media scrutiny since KStew admittedly had an affair with her Snow White and the Hunstman director Rupert Sanders. The two are rumored to have gotten back together since the scandal, but continue to keep quiet.

Pattinson played it equally coy in an interview with Guthrie the next day. When asked about Stewart’s response to the “relationship question,” he turned the spotlight right back to her saying, “I want to ask, because we get asked it all the time. Who is actually asking? Is it in your contract?”

After dancing around the subject, he finally settled on the vague answer.

“It doesn’t have to be (personal). It only becomes personal if you answer it,” he said.

Looks like they aren’t breaking their poker faces about this one.

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