‘Austin & Ally’ First Look: Trent Is in the Doghouse (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

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Everyone knows it’s not OK to steal – except apparently Trent (Trevor Jackson) on the next new episode of Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally airing Sunday at 8 PM.

Who wouldn’t want to be famous like Austin (Ross Lynch)? That desire is apparently what gets Trent in trouble on this episode.

And Celebuzz has an exclusive photo from the episode, plus a bonus behind the scenes shot with stars Lauren Marano, who plays Ally, and Raini Rodriguez (Trish).

On the episode titled “Crybabies and Cologne,” Trent asks Ally to write him a song, so he can become famous like Austin. But, he takes it too far when he steals one he overheard Austin and Ally working on. And now, the crew must find a way to right the wrong.

Take a look at our exclusive photo of Trent trying to apologize to the crew above. And below, you’ll find a fun shot of Marano and Rodriguez goofing around on-set.


What do you think it will take for Trent to earn some forgiveness? Sound off in the comments section below.

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