‘Breaking Dawn — Part 2’ Premiere Livecast: From Red Carpet Interviews to Fan Reactions

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Calling all Twilight fans: Are you ready to watch Edward, Bella and Jacob together on the big screen for possibly the last time ever?

We at Celebuzz are.

To celebrate Monday’s premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, we are hosting an exclusive webcast, live from Los Angeles.

Beginning at 8PM PT/11PM ET, the webcast will be co-hosted by The Daily Buzz's Hyla, who will break down the fifth and final Twilight film installment with a panel of experts from our Celebuzz studio overlooking the Sunset Strip.

Co-host Michelle Marie, meanwhile, will be bringing the latest action from the red carpet, as fans await for the arrival of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the Breaking Dawn cast.

How can you be a part of the special webcast? Fans can join by submitting text and video questions via Celebuzz’s Facebook page and on Twitter: be sure to use the hashtag #CBTwilight.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 opens in theaters on Friday.

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  • agnesjane

    What are you raving about? Are you nuts?

  • Chris

    Refresh, and if that doesn't work go to the main page. Hope this helps!

  • va

    how can we watch the live stream?

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  • Bell

    Hope to see kristen in good projects in future, she is a wonderful actress and should follow in his successful career, she has fans who love her, in the all world!!

  • samantha

    Kristen is all that everyone wanted to be: the biggest Hollywood actress and girlfriend of Robert and what this brought her?? Envy and spite of losers and haters ..... Kristen should be strong, she is incredibly sweet person, has a beautiful soul and deserves only good things. Go Kristen , we are with you!!

  • Julie

    Kristen is a wonderful girl, a talented actress and very clever, and she really is irresistible ..... Robert could not take her hands??? She is very cute and he knows what he wants ....... desire they are happy, they are strong together!!

  • tia maria
    tia maria

    WTF are you going on about. i guess you believe every report you read on the internet. in regards to the first part of your rambling about her not wanting rob to touch her.would you let your partner put his/her hand on your bum when you are in a restaurant/bar where people are eating and drinking(slightly inappropriate) . like kristen said in an interview people know nothing about her relationship with rob now or before the scandal. rob had been drinking before kristen arrived so was probably slightly drunk . rob deserves to be happy and if being with kristen is what he wants then leave them be, none of your business who he chooses to date or his reasons for dating that person

  • jennifer

    Loving Robert?????? WTF More doubts fans know kristen contempt once again to rob KRISTEN NO LOVE ROBERT "All eyes the other night were on Robert Pattinson, who couldn’t keep his hands off his little TRAMPIRE...TRAMPIRE....TRAMPIRE he has no clue that the girl just doesn’t want to be around him, doesn’t want him to touch her, doesn’t want any of it" Later, Stewart sheepishly turned her head when he moved in for a smooch. According to a spy, Stewart said: “Don’t kiss me.” SHE LOVES RUPERT just look at the happy face when she’s with Rupert…not hiding is proud to rupert Face of unhappiness when this with rob always hiding… poor Rob… Kristen always treated him like crap….She wasnt giving him not even the hand ROB deserves a better woman… please ...please ....run Rob…Stay away from these wastes, garbage...slut RUPESTEN…RUPESTEN …RUPESTEN FOREVER….are right for each other