‘Saturday Night Live’ Recap: Anne Hathaway is Really Good at Impressions (VIDEOS)

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The singer takes on double duty on the most recent episode.
Anne's 'Les Mis' Diet
Anne Hathaway dishes on crazy detox diet for the film.
It’s no secret Anne Hathaway can sing. And that’s exactly what she did for her opening monologue on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live.

The third time host and the SNL cast delivered a tune that paid tribute to Sundays and the actress’ next film, Les Miserables. In fact, the song was to the tune of “One Day More.”

“I gotta say, that nothing compares to a week at SNL,” Hathaway said before breaking into song. “We are here for six long days, writing and then rehearsing, and then it’s done. It’s kind of different from the five months I spent filming and rehearsing Les Mis.”

SNL is a wild ride . . . cherish your Sundays, Monday’s right around the corner. But that just makes Monday all the sweeter,” Jason Sudeikis added in his Broadway voice.

Highlights from Hathaway’s SNL gig involved two dead on impressions: Claire Danes’ character from Homeland, Carrie Mathison, and Katie Holmes on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Bill Hader and Taran Killam joined in on the Homeland fun, portraying Saul and Brody, respectively.

“She loves her corkboard . . . she’s only let me down every time I’ve trusted her, give me one reason not to trust her again,” Hader says to Carrie’s boss David, played by Keenan Thompson at one point.

When Hathaway starts hysterically sobbing, shaking and embodies every imaginable facial expression familiar to Danes’ character, Thompson (as David) perfectly sums up the moment.

“It’s like she makes her mouth turn fully upside down, her eyes seem to be looking at five directions at once. It’s like her whole face is chewing gum,” he says.

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