‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Star Marisa Quinn Gushes About Costar Kristen Stewart for ‘Letting the World Say Whatever They Want to Say’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Marisa Quinn is ready to experience the Twilight phenomenon first hand.

The actress — and self-proclaimed Twi-hard — takes on the role of struggling vampire Huilen in upcoming Twilight Saga finale Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Like her character, Quinn is still coming to terms with being part of the Twilight phenomenon.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” she told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview. “Before I had a chance to be scared, they made me feel at home. Everybody was just so kind and warm on set.”

However, when it comes to dealing with criticism from fans and skeptics alike, Quinn said she’s learned a very valuable lessons from her Breaking Dawn co-stars.

“You can’t take anything personally,” Quinn added. “I think Rob [Pattinson] and Kristen [Stewart], and even Taylor [Lautner], have done a great job of being who they are and doing the best they can, being awesome people and letting the world say what they want to say.”

When it came to stepping into the role of Huilen, Quinn was excited to bring the character’s vulnerability to the big screen.

“One of the reasons she had such a hard time with being a vampire in the first place was because she had such a connection with humanity and her respect for humanity,” Quinn said. “She has that in common with the Cullens.”

But is she ready for the potential fan backlash?

“Having been a fan of the books and the films myself for years before I was even cast, I knew the responsibility that was involved with getting a role in this film, so I prepared. Every vampire has their own qualities that are special about them, so I hope I was able to bring Huilen’s special magic to the screen.”

The Twlight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens in theaters nationwide November 16.

Watch the Celebuzz exclusive interview with Quinn above.