Jennifer Aniston’s Fiance Justin Theroux Gets ‘Friends’ Seal of Approval: ‘He’s Really Smart,’ Says Lisa Kudrow (EXCLUSIVE)

Jen's Ring!
Jennifer Aniston flashes her huge rock in Sante Fe.
Lisa Kudrow worked with Jennifer Aniston’s fiance Justin Theroux in the 1997 cult classic Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. So, naturally, she’s a pretty big fan of her former co-star’s husband-to-be.

“Everyone was talking about him back then like, ‘That guy’s cool. He’s really smart. He’s really cool,'” she told Celebuzz at the P.S. Arts Express Yourself event at Santa Monica Airport’s Barker Hanger on Sunday.

Kudrow, 49, added she’s very happy for her former Friends costar; however, she hasn’t started picking out wedding presents just yet.

And speaking of Romy and Michelle: Although Kudrow says there are no plans for a sequel anytime soon, she’d still be up for making one.

“I think that would be really funny,” she said.

As for where the ditzy title characters would wind up today, however, remains unclear.

“I don’t know. Romy and Michelle Get Divorced? At this point, I don’t know,” Kudrow quipped.