Kristen Stewart on Cheating Scandal Criticism: I Didn’t Even Think About It

Kristen Stewart coped with the criticism she received after she was caught cheating on Robert Pattinson in one simple way: she didn’t sweat it.

“This is going to sound so completely and utterly basic, but as soon as you start living your life, if you’re considering other people’s opinions about your life, that they really know nothing about, you are going to live a very disjointed, really unsatisfying, awful existence,” she told the UK tabloid OK! in a recent interview. “You should probably be a bit more concerned about how you feel about yourself.”

“It sounds completely cliche, but it’s true, so you probably shouldn’t think about it.”

Indeed, Stewart — who was photographed getting cozy with her Snow White and the Huntmsan director Rupert Sanders in July, then soon copped to an affair — has plenty of positive things to look forward to. Among them: the release of Breaking Dawn – Part II, the final chapter in the uber-successful Twilight Saga.

Reflecting on her four years with the franchise, Stewart, 22, says her experience has made life feel less scary.

“I think that you get older and you realize that fear is a real and serious aspect of life that can either be a really great thing or a really bad thing, depending on how you approach it,” she said. “I want to be terrified. I really want to question everything now. Before it was all about trying to keep those elements away, whereas now I sort of fully embrace the and I just feel a bit freer. I’ve always trusted myself, but now things are just less scary.”

She adds she isn’t worried about saying goodbye to her character, Bella Swan, because the experience of filming Twilight will always stay with her.

“If you ever need to walk away from an experience and leave it completely, then that is an unsuccessful experience,” she said. “This was five years of my life and I really liked it. So we hold this thing — it’s not going anywhere.”

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