One Direction Agrees Niall Horan is the ‘Cute One’: ‘He’s the One We Feel Almost Maternal Toward’

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One Direction has finally confirmed what millions of Directioners already know: Niall Horan is the cute one.

“There is no doubt Niall is the cute one,” Louis Tomlinson told The Daily Mail.

“I feel really protective toward Niall,” added Liam Payne.

“Yeah, in the nicest possible way, I would much rather see any of us punched than Niall,” joked Tomlinson.

Despite being the youngest in the group, bandmate Harry Styles told the UK paper he would do anything to protect Horan from harm. “If you saw someone go to punch Niall, you would just go psycho,” he said.

“I’d kill him,” added Payne.

“‘I don’t know what it is, but even though he isn’t the youngest, he’s the one we feel almost maternal toward,” said Zayn Malik.

However, now that Horan’s status as “The Cute One” has been confirmed, is it safe to say Styles is still “The Ladies Man?” The 18-year-old admitted flirting has always been “second nature” for him, but reports of his womanizing ways have been greatly exaggerated by the media.

“I guess I go out in London,” explained Styles. “Quite a lot of the girls I get photographed with are just friends and then, according to the papers, I have, like, 7,000 girlfriends.”

Surprisingly, the lads seem to agree Styles has been “taking over from Liam as the sensible one.” Meanwhile, Payne is arguably the “competitive one.” The 19-year-old recently broke up with his girlfriend of two years, dancer Danielle Peazer.

“It’s a little bit hard to talk about. A bit tough,” he told The Daily Mail.

However, when it comes to lasting relationships, the boys will always have each other. According to Malik — “The Organized One” — their closeness is a result of four out of the five of them being “the only boys in our family , apart from Niall, whose brother is seven years older than him anyway.”

One Direction is currently gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, Take Me Home, which slated to be released on Nov. 13. In spring 2013, the boys will begin their sold-out world tour in the UK.

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