'Breaking Dawn' Star Booboo Stewart Aims for 'Simple But Classy' on the Red Carpet (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Recovering from a scalp massage and possibly the most luxurious shampooing of all time, Booboo Stewart seems delightfully dazed as he sits in a chair at Gavert Atelier, one of Beverly Hills’ cushiest salons.

Laid back but excited about the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 premiere, which is set to unfold in downtown Los Angeles later that night, the 18 year old reveals that his style is, similarly, something of a contrast to the pageantry of red- (or in this case, black-) carpet events.

“I’m a pretty plain person,” Stewart tells Celebuzz. “I’m not an outrageous dresser, so I go for something simple. This is simple but classy to me – I like the color black.”

After a little work by colorist Matthew Burton and hairstylist Mika Fowler, Stewart is ready to don his formal attire for the evening, a custom-made charcoal suit paired with a black shirt and tie. The actor jokes that all of this attention is commonplace for him, then observes how much more work his sister Fivel has to go through to prepare for the premiere.

“This is what I do every morning,” he says with a laugh. “No, but for me, it’s pretty easy. But for my sister, it’s a whole other story. It will probably take her a few hours to get ready.”

Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive peek above at Stewart’s preparation for the premiere. Then watch below for interviews with the cast and crew of Breaking Dawn.

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